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Creative Real Estate Videos

Generate Interest and Bids with Our Creative Real Estate Videos

Close the deal by improving your real estate listings with real estate videos by Fairytale Films. Give potential buyers more to see with a virtual walkthrough of the property, drone footage of the entire acreage, and an attractive cover image that garners more clicks which convert into showings and sales. We use the latest video technology to help you compete with the rest of the housing market.
Placing a Spotlight on Features that Sell
Static images never do justice to open-concept living, showing the convenience of a connected garage, or just how much room is in that walk-in closet. Our creative real estate videos connect the natural movements of a person living in a space with a potential buyer surfing the internet. We can include the entire back yard, storage spaces, functional workshops, and other hidden gems like the custom wood floors and granite counters.
Drone Technology Shows the Entire Property
We also have video drones in our arsenal which can fly over the well-maintained roof, down the long driveway, and visit neighborhood recreational features. By blending aerial footage that emphasizes curb appeal and interior video, the shopper sees the entire home and all of its assets. Your listings will see an increase in clicks and interest when your shopper gets more for their time.
Real Estate Videos that Convert Clicks into Sales
You are able to pack more information and images into a two-minute real estate video. Your home shopper will have a better opportunity to fall in love with the picture windows, soaking tub, expansive rear deck, or well-appointed library. Better yet, this video can be posted on all the latest platforms and apps to increase exposure. More internet traffic will result in more showings and drive up your bids.
Give us a ring at Fairytale Films to schedule your next real estate shoot today.

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