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Case Study: Capturing the Magic of Central Ohio Home Sales with Fairytale Films

Fairytale Films had the pleasure of collaborating with a home seller located in the picturesque neighborhood of Upper Arlington, a popular suburb of Columbus, OH. Recognizing the competitive real estate market, the client sought comprehensive visual solutions to highlight the unique charm and selling points of their property.

Challenges in the Market

  • Standing Out in a Competitive Market: Upper Arlington boasted a plethora of beautiful homes, making it essential for the client's property to stand out amidst the competition.

  • Conveying Property Features: Communicating the full scope and appeal of the property's features and amenities was crucial for attracting potential buyers.

  • Attracting Remote Buyers: To appeal to remote buyers and those unable to visit the property in person, the client required immersive visual content that replicated the experience of being on-site.


The Fairytale Films Solution: 

Fairytale Films leveraged its expertise in real estate photography and videography to provide a comprehensive visual package (view here) that was tailored to the client's needs:


  1. Exterior and Interior Photography: High-quality exterior and interior photographs were captured to showcase the property's curb appeal, architectural details, and interior design aesthetics.

  2. Drone Footage: Aerial drone footage was utilized to capture stunning aerial views of the property, highlighting its location, surroundings, and expansive outdoor spaces.

  3. Dynamic Video Production: FairyTale Films crafted a dynamic video tour, seamlessly blending interior and exterior footage to provide a captivating visual narrative of the property.

  4. Floor Plans: Detailed floor plans were created to offer potential buyers a clear layout and spatial understanding of the property's dimensions and flow.

  5. 3D Matterport Tour: A cutting-edge 3D Matterport tour was developed, allowing viewers to explore the property virtually, engaging with immersive 3D walkthroughs and interactive floor plans.


The Full Package Results:

The comprehensive visual content produced by Fairytale Films (click here to view the entire package), played a pivotal role in the successful sale of the client's property:


  1. Fast Sale: The property garnered significant interest from potential buyers, leading to a swift sale within a short timeframe.

  2. Great Offer: The captivating visual content generated by Fairytale Films contributed to the property receiving competitive offers, ensuring the client achieved an excellent sale price.

  3. Remote Buyer Engagement: Remote buyers and those unable to visit the property in person were able to experience the property virtually through the immersive 3D Matterport tour and dynamic video tour, further expanding the reach of the listing.


Fairytale Films is proud to have played a role in the successful sale of the client's property in Upper Arlington, OH. By harnessing the power of comprehensive visual content, including exterior and interior photography, drone footage, dynamic video production, floor plans, and a 3D Matterport tour, Fairytale Films helped the client showcase the magic of their home to potential buyers. For all real estate photography and videography needs, trust Fairytale Films to capture the magic of your home in every frame.


Capture the Magic of Your Home in Every Frame

Ready to elevate your real estate listing with captivating visual content? Contact Fairytale Films today to learn more about our services and how we can help you showcase the magic of your property. Let us bring your home's story to life through stunning photography and dynamic videography. 

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