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Real Estate Photography & Videography

Capture the magic of your home with FairyTale Films' professional real estate photography and videography.

At Fairytale Films, we excel in photography and videography for both interior and exterior real estate. Our professional approach ensures that each photograph and video reflects the unique character and appeal of your property. Using the latest camera technology and techniques, we capture the true beauty of interior spaces, highlighting the fine details and luxurious textures that make a home stand out.


For exteriors, our photographers skillfully showcase property landscapes, architecture, and curb appeal in the best light possible. Whether creating compelling walk-through videos or stunning photo galleries, our work is designed to attract and engage potential buyers effectively. We can even elevate your listings further with Fairytale Films by incorporating aerial footage, digital enhancements, and immersive virtual tours to provide an unparalleled visual experience.

Interior Photography

Real Estate Videography

The Lake House
394 Hanford St, Columbus, OH 43206_1
1112 Cherry Valley Rd, Newark, OH 43055
1828 Riverhill Rd, Columbus, OH
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