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Film My Wedding

Film My Wedding and Create Moving Memories

At Fairytale Films we put the focus on your story on the most important day of your life. We understand that not every couple dreams of a giant wedding ceremony, but a simple, "I Do," with just a few friends close by should receive the same spotlight when making your wedding day video. Our professional videographer will follow you through your day and grab every detail worthy of sharing with family and friends now and in the future.
Collaborating with You to Make Stunning Wedding Day Videos                      
Is it the church service that is close to your heart? Maybe you want to shine a light on all your closest friends at the reception. Do you have a theme? We can capture every minute of your day from putting on the makeup to remembering the grab the rings on the way out the door. Talk to us, and we will work with you to create an elegant or lighthearted or completely unique video when we film my wedding.
Pick Your Price with Packages that Fit Your Budget                      
Not everybody wants to pour a large portion of their budget into the wedding day video, and at Fairytale Films we embrace that choice. We offer a variety of packages able to capture the most important moments of the day and leave you with a recording you will cherish for years. We are happy to shoot just the ceremony or provide multiple videographers able to capture every single minute for hours on end.
Personal Videographer and Professional Editing   
Not everyone wants the raw footage of your family members being themselves. We will sift through your footage and pull together a highlight reel you can be proud to share without skipping over the embarrassing moments. For a complete list of pricing and services, click or call to reserve your wedding day video services today.

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