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Freelance Video Company

Create Your Vision with Our Freelance Video Company

Do you want to connect with a wider audience using video to promote your product or business? Fairytale Films, as an available video company near me, has the experience, equipment, and dedication required to create a quick ad, infomercial, or social media burst that can help you take your company to the next level. Available on an hourly or project basis, talk to us about your specific requirements.

Connect with Your Local Clients Using a Video Company Near Me

You could outsource to a freelance video company located on the coast, but they will end up using stock footage that may not reflect your neighborhood accurately. As your neighbors, we can create an advertisement using familiar locations and people, so when your customer sees the short, they know they will find your product nearby.

Product Rollouts and Promotional Videos

As professionals, we know exactly how to highlight your new product and will help you make a lifestyle ad illustrating how your item will change your customers daily life. Set up a studio shot for an educational video that explains services. Are you holding a big party for the kick off? We can record the event and turn it into a highlight reel ready to draw in new clients.

Local Production Company Reflects Your Local Business

Are you located in a quaint village? Maybe your studio or office is down a country lane. We will visit your storefront and include the footage in your spot, so new clients will be able to recognize your business when driving around town. As a video company near me, your video by Fairytale Films will highlight familiar places that help your neighbors recognize you as a small business worth supporting in their local economy.

Would you like to learn more about our freelance video company? Click or call to receive a complete schedule of fees and to discuss the specifics you desire for your next promotional product video.

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